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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Today I want to share some information about eating healthy during the pregnancy! I had been there myself and I can tell you sometimes I struggled to find the balance with my diet during this important part of life. There is no doubt that during pregnancy is not a time to lose weight. You can […]


Have you heard about “empty calories”? The calories in sugar are called “empty” because they provide no nutrients, and these are often hidden in processed foods and snacks. In modern countries two-thirds of the average calories intake consist of fat, refined sugar and refined flour. C.R.A.P. Foods Not only packed with extra (“empty”) calories, but […]


A low-fat diet is the one that restricts fat from your diet. Choosing a low fat diet help you to cut down calories as well. One gram of fat provides 9 calories while carbohydrates and protein each provide four calories per gram. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are important in your diet because they provide essential […]


Have you ever stopped and think how healthy you are? The famous saying “you are what you eat” seems to be true. Considering that many health problems are directly or indirectly associated with food and nutrition, changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can make a huge difference in your life. Today, our life goes so hectic […]