Date: June 6, 2016 Posted by: Francielle Perez In: health

Have you ever stopped to think how  healthy ?

The famous saying you are what you eat” seems to be true.


Nowadays  life goes so hectic and busy that we forget to take care of ourselves, our health and well-being.

We leave it as a second plan because we worried about other people and other things…we know we need to do some changes but it always stays for tomorrow!

Often we think about changing our lifestyle, whether the way we eat, exercise, work, dress, and relax, so many things that, to be honest, we don’t really know how to start.

It’s very common hearing “Monday I will start my diet”, “I will start my exercise routine” and continue to make promises on top of promises… but to be honest these promises won’t go anywhere, and I this this because we put so much pressure and at the end will fail to achieve. So my advice is to “take easy”, start slowly but steady! set up targets that are resanable and achievable. Changes are difficult, but not impossible to happen!  

So, before you start, thinking about commitment, consciousness and above all willpower.

livehealthy2012-1Big dream, aim high, never quit.
You have ONE life.
Live it well!

Considering that many health problems are directly or indirectly associated with food and nutrition, a nutritionist can help to contribute with other professionals in providing health advices and promoting healthy eating habits.

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